Yummy Gummies….


So the fashion and food blogs are full of stories about how cool it is to have wine flavored gummy bears, more specifically rose flavored dummies. How hard can this be I thought as I trolled Amazon for a mold to try them at home. Success!


All you need is wine ( 1/4 cup for 50 bears), sugar, plain gelatin and gel food coloring. I used  sparkling Moscato because it was open, but I will definitely be doing this again with Rose. Mix sugar and 3 packets of gelatin together in a heatproof measuring cup. Heat the wine to between 90° and 100°, any higher temp and you will lose the wine flavor. Pour wine onto powdered ingredients and mix until all the gelatin is dissolved and the add some food coloring and stir well to make sure it’s distributed.

Pour into molds that are on rimmed cooking sheets and then use an offset spatula or the edge of a flat blade to scrape liquid excess away. Put the whole cookie sheet into the fridge and let chill for a few hours. The dummies will pop right out!



I used a recipe from Pinterest ( where else?) but you can adapt this by changing wine to water and adding a drop of candy flavoring! In preparation for an India Hicks event next week, I of course, experimented with Flamingo for a color, because, well….you can never have too much Flamingo!

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