Just Another Meatless Monday


Remember that scene in the “Fabulous Baker Boys” when one of the brothers buys spray on hair coloring that’s called “a hair system” and the other brother corrects him and says “it’s paint!”. That’s a little like how I feel about  “broth bowls” now surging right along side PS ( pumpkin spice…added to anything) due to the recent calendar pages turning to fall. Panera is serving them and God knows, Noodles and Co. have made a business out of them, but here’s the thing folks…”it’s paint” or more to the point…”it’s soup”!

So when Cooking Light came out with a recipe for a broth bowl WITH EGGS, I paid more attention. To be specific, it talked about “frizzled” eggs, which means cooked in oil until the edges are nice and crispy.


The broth part is easy enough. A base of garlic and chopped onions caramelized in a little oil, add mushrooms and cook them down, then diced tomatoes, a can of white beans that have been rinsed well, a blister pack of spinach and veggie broth.


I made mine over the weekend and let it chill till Monday nite. Then I brought it up to temp on the stove top and fried up an egg to top each bowl (and an extra for second helping!). I threw in some of my garlic confit to frizzle side by side with the eggs, and then portioned out some soup and topped with about a tablespoon of shredded cheese ( not included in recipe, but hey, you only live once).


Then top with the egg and dig in! Very satisfying and the melty yolk mixes with the broth to taste extra rich and silky. Enjoy!



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