Well, that was a longer than necessary break, trying to get back into EDT, get a job, catch up with laundry…all good except that pesky second item of a new career. Anyway, I digress and wanted to finish up the story of our trip to Paris.


On our final day on Monday,  we decided to go out to breakfast, the Hubs correctly recognizing that if he didn’t get me to go out in Paris, he’ll never get me to go out to breakfast in the States. We opted for the typical Petit Dejeuner or Continental of coffee/tea, orange juice and pastry. Not shown is the baguette, cut in half, and toasted with butter and jam called a tartan, and it was as big as a 747 wingspan.


Then like typical but not “ugly” Americans we sought out central air conditioning. We caved, we whimpered, we even whined a little. We were HOT….like Africa hot. Over 90°F in central Paris was the breaking point for us. So like little lemmings we streamed into BHV, short for Bazaare de Hotel de Ville ( the bazaar of city hall) which it stands right behind. In Hubs lingo, BHV stands for Big Honkin Venue. This store had everything from million dollar jewelry to gallons of paint! Seriously the entire basement is like Home Depot!  The photo above of the pink and yellow china was on a wall not a table, yup glued in place!

We poked around there for the majority of the middle of the day and then retreated to a nearby sidewalk cafe for hydration and a club sandwich…a mainstay of our diet when it’s too late for lunch, too early for dinner and goes good with rose wine and cold draft beer. I think we drank some water, too. Don’t want to take any chances…

After we wandered back over the bridge to the apartment and proceeded to cram our treasures into our suitcase, clean up our lodgings a bit, finish the rose we had in the fridge and then went out for a final dinner on Ile de Ste. Louis, a pigeon flight from the Rose Window of Notre Dame. We found a table out of the way at a restaurant by the name of Chaumiere, and enjoyed dinner al fresco, like seemingly everyone else in Paris that nite.

Later we walked back up Quai de Bourbon to number 17 and looked at our bridges, the lit towers of Hotel de Ville and the bateaux on the “have a cocktail, see Paris in the moonlight” runs up and down the Seine.

Tuesday morning we were up at 4:30 am and out of the apartment by 6 for a very long ride to CDG due to numerous traffic accidents. One last pain au chocolate and tea while we waited for Aer Lingus check in and then off to our gate and flight to Dublin where we celebrated the Hubs’ birthday with a professional pint…and a little duty free shopping.




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