When we couldn’t get there from here…

We were trying to get here…

This is how it went…

All we needed to do was hop on the crosstown bus and get over to la tour Eiffel by 11 am to meet a former colleague and dear friend for brunch. No one told us that 1/2 the city was shut down for La Parisienne, the Paris version of a Komen walk/run for breast cancer research. An immense event that took 3 hours to get everyone over starting line. We wound up getting rerouted, as did Isa, my friend but about noon, we sat down to a leisurely lunch. Rain threatened early, but thankfully held off and cloud cover kept the temps down. We strolled back to bus and did a little window shopping on the way back to our nest.

The Hubs found a cute car…

And Paris evidently believes that cute male florists with open shirts sell a lot of flowers…

We had dinner at our local cafe and watched the bateaux go by on the river and the steady stream of human and motorized traffic on the pont, to and from the right bank…

We also saw Marcus Welby/ Royal Pains come to life when this car pulled up 3 feet away from our table in a no parking zone and out hopped the doc, complete with his black bag! Who knew there are still house calls?

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