When we pay a visit to the emperor, yes, that emperor…

The heat has been incredible in Paris this week, so on Saturday we got on a crosstown bus and went to see the littlest general at Musee de L’Armee. 

We’ve been here before, but each time find something new to look at.


Like cannons…

And horses, yes, real ones…just like Roy Rogers’ horse Trigger

And Napolean’s hat and greatcoat, a very dull greige…

And a big game of Stratego…

And an entire gallery FULL of toy soldiers, miniatures and dioramas. Unbelievable amounts of detail. This last photo is a closeup of the one depicting Napolean at his daughters crib. 

Of course the basalt sarcophagus is under the dome and there is still a working veterans hospital on the grounds, hence the other name of Invalides, interchangeable with Musee.

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