Where we find the “marvelous”

The fun of our trip to Paris this week is really that we have been able to just walk around and point out interesting things to each other. On Friday we did a lot of that in the Marais section of Paris. It was an easy walk from our studio and yielded many treasures, which of course is the reason for this post! Here are some highlights. I’m saving best for last!

Love seeing these classic Citroen cars…there are a few around town, some for rent. But I’m always reminded of the Pink Panther…marvelous!

As we were leaving our rental digs, the local Padre walked by in his soutane, the long black robe or cassock that was normal street wear for RC priests until the middle of the 20th century, after 2nd Vatican council, when it was replaced by a suit.* But it still gives you pause when you see it worn in today’s modern, rushing world. And France, although very Catholic, is very secular in the day to day. Marvelous!

There was a gem of a bakery featuring this fig tarte and next door a greeting card of a florist, artfully arranged of course. Marvelous!

There’s the custom Magnum© Bar where you can design your own, skipped that one also…Marvelous!

A giant flamingo…Marvelous!

This Marvelous street that lead to…

The greatest falafel that I have ever eaten in my young life…Holy cow it was delicious. The Hubs had a schwarma plate, also marvelous!

And then we found (insert sounds of angels singing) Aux Marvellieux de Fred. Loosely translated it means….the marvelous of Fred. Fred’s a guy who took a good thing and made it well, marvelous! He sells 3 things…the Incroyable, pictured here. A smaller version called the Marvellieux and the Cramique, here…

The Cramique is a large brioche (loaf size) with raisins, sugar or chocolate. 

Watch them make the Marvellieux…notice the size of the meringues that are used as the sandwich!

And there you have it…the marvelous of Paris!

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