When we rest….

Rest is a relative word in that our total miles per day walked dropped down to about 4 and about 4 pm we cried ‘uncle’ and took a BIG nap! We started the day in a cab with a panoramic roof! What a great idea! And we were off to Bon Marche, the left bank department store. ( Which of course is different than the right bank department store/s of BHV, Samartaine, and Printemps.)

We ha our sites set on la grand epicerie of the Bon Marche, which obligingly greeted us with the wall of rose wine! I felt so loved and appreciated! 

We wandered around for a couple of hours tasting and sniffing and ooh-la-la ing over everything, because as my fried A said, “the French can make anything look smart and sophisticated”. See if you can tell which of these things are not like the other…

We stopped for a quick tapas lunch in the store, how convenient and considerate of Bon Marche…

Then we hit the main store for a look at some ‘big, fat nerve’ pricing as I call it where I actually held a pair of Christian Louboutin ballet slippers in my hand and then I got ahold of myself and hot footed it out of there…but they were beautiful…sigh.

We had a lovely late nap and a late dinner at a beauty of a restaurant called l’Orangerie which we had seen on our first nite in town.


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