Where it’s hot, hot, hot….

The sun never quit on Wednesday! We took our time getting to the Musee D’orsay on a beautiful day, and thankfully the humidity was much lower than earlier in week.

The museum is beautiful inside and out and although probably busy, did not feel crowded at all. In a former life the facility was a train station, hence the soaring spaces. We snooped around a bit and then decided to have lunch in the restaurant, which we suspect was a space the railway companies used for first class passenger dining. Just look at this ceiling…

I also loved the chairs in the restaurant! A contrast and a complement to the classical decor, they are a modern take on those hard plastic chairs we sat on in high school.

After lunch, we took in the Impressionist galleries, herewith some of my faves…

And outside the Impressionist galleries is a roomy veranda that offers a pigeon’s view of the Louvre, Tuileries and the Seine.

Then off through the Tulieries to the giant Ferris wheel, La Ronde de Paris.

Check out these great views!

Check out this traffic!

Then a slow ramble back to our apartment along the Seine…

Finally, the view for dinner from our table at our local…

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