Where we discover the river as highway….

We wandered around the gardens in the Louvre and people watched…

We thought long and hard about going to the Barbie exhibit at the part of the Louvre dedicated to fashion…Yes, that Barbie!

Up the Rue de Rivoli to Angelina, the tearoom extraordinaire that is home to the famous chocolat chaud l’africain, or African hot chocolate. Basically a melted dark chocolate bar with some whipped cream on the side. We did have an omelette to start..

Then some restocking of supplies for Chez Miller

Back through the gardens to le batobus, our magic carpet on the Seine with some infrequent stops for just the right French polo shirt as a souvie…

We had a late snack as supper, also known as a BLT with a glass of wine before we attended a concert of Bach in Notre Dame. Beautiful.

Yes, that is the ticket holder line to get in….bag checks everywhere. Some metal detectors. On Ile de la Cite a distinct and visible anti terror presence.

Then, home to our little nest shown here ( ha!) and our crib! Bonsoir!

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