My friend, Creme Fraiche

Early in the spring I shared with you a recipe for frenchified chicken that I am very happy with and have made occasionally until the long hot summer kicked in. Then one of my cooking heroines, The Barefoot Contessa, came up with this recipe for  fish that is just nifty, fast and tastes delicious.

Full disclosure: I am not a fan of red snapper. I grew up in New England and cleave to North Atlantic cold water, oily fish like mackerel and swordfish and sturdy fish like salmon and cod. So because I’m the cook, I can change the fish. One of my fave types of fish is barramundi, a sustainable type of sea bass from the Pacific, and I used it to make this recipe. Start out with putting salt and pepper on the filets, both sides.

Next, mix Dijon and grainy mustards, capers, creme fraiche, and salt and pepper. Coat the fish with the sauce and bake in a 425 degree oven. I only used half the amounts called for in the recipe, because I was only making two pieces of fish. I still had some sauce left over, very good on potatoes. 

Unfortunately I did not do a good job of photographing the finished item on a plate, you’ll have to settle for right out of the oven. I served with asparagus and some boiled baby red bliss potatoes. Totally satisfying despite my barramundi anxiety after the Hubs’ recent revelation that he found barramundi “lacking”. Hmmmmm.

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