Currently Crushing…

Here’s what I’m crushing on this summer….in no particular order…


Makes your shower slippery as all get out, but totally worth it. A little of this moisturizer smoothed on while still in the shower apres cleansing, and then rinsed off, is light enough for the summer when you don’t want a heavy lotion, but need something….Once you are out of the shower, and toweling off, it’s like buffing your skin. For those of you peeps in the Boston area, Christmas Tree Shops sell this for $5.99, $2 bucks less than Target, CVS, Walgreens, etc.


Have you peeps seen or tried these new snack bars? Totally awesome! Of course the fig and apricot ones are my personal faves. Get ’em at Target…where else?

book bub

My bestie, L, got me hooked on these next  two items. Book Bub is the best kept secret for e books. Sign up and choose your favorite genres. Each day you get a list of discounted ebooks you can order from Amazon Kindle or Nook. Terrific for quick fast beach bag books like romcoms and mysteries. But they even have cookbooks, history etc. The most expensive one I have seen is $1.99 and some of them are even free! Most are $.99. The only thing better than a $.99 book is a .99 pence soft serve ice cream in Ireland. It’s as big as your head. But I digress….


And falling into the category of ” I never met one I didn’t like, is Dove’s latest creation of dark chocolate sea salt promises. You can eat them while you read your romcoms, if you are somewhere where they don’t melt. Otherwise, wait to eat them as a treat. So far, I can only find them at Tarjay…(Target).

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Lastly, I am mad for the seemingly out of no where fascination with mermaids…you can even knit/buy a blanket that lets you do your best Ariel or Madison impression….And you can buy mermaid fin for that authentic feeling at the beach…

Image result for mermaid blanket tail

Image result for mermaid fin for adults

I hear Weeki Wachi is hiring…..

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