The Green Goddess

green god 1

During our week of living vegetatively we utilized a few recipes that I adapted from Pinterest postings I had saved over the past couple of years.

One that caught my eye was to utilized green goddess dressing ( yes WITH the anchovies…) to produce a tasty and satisfying sandwich that doubles down as a meal. I made this for the Hubs and I one very HOT night last week before our A/C was fixed. Honestly…it was Africa hot…

green god 8

I started with fresh herbs from the garden. Basil, parsley and chives and tossed them in the Cuisinart with a couple of cloves of the garlic confit from 2 weeks ago…

green god 7

Then anchovies and a little bit of no fat sour cream and some fresh pepper. I spread the dressing onto a lavash roll up…one for each of us.

green god 5

First I added Boston lettuce…

green god 4

Then thin sliced avocado wedges….

green god 3

Then thin slices of buffalo mozzarella and sweet Vidalia onions….

green god 2

Lastly, thin sliced cucumber…

green god 1

Cool, crunchy, creamy and a totally great vegetarian option for a hot summer nite.

Would also work for a take to work lunch! Just add limeade to continue the green goddess theme!

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