No crust, no problem…

I’ve seen a lot of recipes lately on Pinterest for crust less pizzas made with cauliflower or in this case zucchini noodles. I did a little control experiment to see what cooking method would work better, the stove or the grill and herewith is my report and the recipe I used.

I shredded two medium zucchini in my cuisinart.

I added shredded pizza cheese and some sliced onions..,

Then pepperoni and a little cheese on top.

Two methods:

Stovetop 10 minutes and broiler for 7 minutes in Teflon sauté pan

More like a bubbly casserole, a little on the drippy side

Preheated pizza stone on grill in stainless mornay dishes

Crisper, not as drippy, but cheese not as bubbly

Things to think about:

Add fresh pepper and some red pepper flakes after cooking. Salt not needed because of cheese.

Next time I might mix a few Panko crumbs in to help crisp it up.

Add a Caeser salad and toppings of your choice!

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