Hot night, cold sandwich…

Once upon a time (like in the 1970’s) there was a sub shop on Beacon Hill named Primos. It’s probably still there. It was renowned for giant fresh sliced roast beef subs. They probably had other stuff, but politicians from the Massachusetts state house, aides, and Suffolk students just got roast beef. 

I recently came across this recipe in the New York Times cooking section about the authors favorite sandwich from a shop in Brooklyn. 

Chez Miller is experiencing some havc issues and so the thought of turning on the oven terrified me. However turning on a burner just long enough to cook some prebreaded eggplant cutlets from Trader Joes was ok. So start to finish, the whole operation took about 15 minutes, including opening a bottle of wine.

A couple of twists…I used sweet pepper instead of red hots and sliced mozz instead of buffalo, both because they were in the house.

Quick and easy dinner! You could add arugula if you wanted something that grew in the ground!

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