Currently Crushing…

Here’s what I’m crushing on this summer….in no particular order…


Makes your shower slippery as all get out, but totally worth it. A little of this moisturizer smoothed on while still in the shower apres cleansing, and then rinsed off, is light enough for the summer when you don’t want a heavy lotion, but need something….Once you are out of the shower, and toweling off, it’s like buffing your skin. For those of you peeps in the Boston area, Christmas Tree Shops sell this for $5.99, $2 bucks less than Target, CVS, Walgreens, etc.


Have you peeps seen or tried these new snack bars? Totally awesome! Of course the fig and apricot ones are my personal faves. Get ’em at Target…where else?

book bub

My bestie, L, got me hooked on these next  two items. Book Bub is the best kept secret for e books. Sign up and choose your favorite genres. Each day you get a list of discounted ebooks you can order from Amazon Kindle or Nook. Terrific for quick fast beach bag books like romcoms and mysteries. But they even have cookbooks, history etc. The most expensive one I have seen is $1.99 and some of them are even free! Most are $.99. The only thing better than a $.99 book is a .99 pence soft serve ice cream in Ireland. It’s as big as your head. But I digress….


And falling into the category of ” I never met one I didn’t like, is Dove’s latest creation of dark chocolate sea salt promises. You can eat them while you read your romcoms, if you are somewhere where they don’t melt. Otherwise, wait to eat them as a treat. So far, I can only find them at Tarjay…(Target).

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Lastly, I am mad for the seemingly out of no where fascination with mermaids…you can even knit/buy a blanket that lets you do your best Ariel or Madison impression….And you can buy mermaid fin for that authentic feeling at the beach…

Image result for mermaid blanket tail

Image result for mermaid fin for adults

I hear Weeki Wachi is hiring…..

Modified Mezze….

During another day of living vegetatively last week, I made falafels from the box mix            ( very easy….) and made a Greek salad with no lettuce, the way it’s served in Greece. I added a a homemade tzitziki sauce made with cucumbers, dill and ricotta cheese, not Greek yogurt. Why ricotta you ask? Because I froze the container of Greek yogurt by putting it on the top shelf of the refrigerator, much to my chagrin. I thawed out some nice soft Naan breads, added some mixed greens and topped with the falafels and lots of lemon and tzitziki. The avocados….well, it was perfectly dead ripe and another day would have turned it into a slag heap…


The Green Goddess

green god 1

During our week of living vegetatively we utilized a few recipes that I adapted from Pinterest postings I had saved over the past couple of years.

One that caught my eye was to utilized green goddess dressing ( yes WITH the anchovies…) to produce a tasty and satisfying sandwich that doubles down as a meal. I made this for the Hubs and I one very HOT night last week before our A/C was fixed. Honestly…it was Africa hot…

green god 8

I started with fresh herbs from the garden. Basil, parsley and chives and tossed them in the Cuisinart with a couple of cloves of the garlic confit from 2 weeks ago…

green god 7

Then anchovies and a little bit of no fat sour cream and some fresh pepper. I spread the dressing onto a lavash roll up…one for each of us.

green god 5

First I added Boston lettuce…

green god 4

Then thin sliced avocado wedges….

green god 3

Then thin slices of buffalo mozzarella and sweet Vidalia onions….

green god 2

Lastly, thin sliced cucumber…

green god 1

Cool, crunchy, creamy and a totally great vegetarian option for a hot summer nite.

Would also work for a take to work lunch! Just add limeade to continue the green goddess theme!

Greening up….

The Hubs and I are doing a little experiment this week and going vegetarian for a few days…I prepped up some quick zucchini rolls on Sunday. I shaved a lonely zucchini on the long side and the rolled with a mix of shredded Parmesan, Italian seasoning, cream cheese and a little bit of mozzarella. I placed them in a foil pan on a bed of simple tomato sauce.

Then a 375 degree oven for about 40 minutes. I topped with more sauce just before serving. More to follow!

Fruit Salad

Seriously the best salad I’ve made in years…dead ripe fresh peaches sliced, dead ripe and sliced avocado, a thinly sliced red onion, baby romaine and a vinaigrette of evoo, apricot curd (just about a tablespoon) and a little apple cider vinegar, salt and pepper. Really, try it. It’s the peaches….

No crust, no problem…

I’ve seen a lot of recipes lately on Pinterest for crust less pizzas made with cauliflower or in this case zucchini noodles. I did a little control experiment to see what cooking method would work better, the stove or the grill and herewith is my report and the recipe I used.

I shredded two medium zucchini in my cuisinart.

I added shredded pizza cheese and some sliced onions..,

Then pepperoni and a little cheese on top.

Two methods:

Stovetop 10 minutes and broiler for 7 minutes in Teflon sauté pan

More like a bubbly casserole, a little on the drippy side

Preheated pizza stone on grill in stainless mornay dishes

Crisper, not as drippy, but cheese not as bubbly

Things to think about:

Add fresh pepper and some red pepper flakes after cooking. Salt not needed because of cheese.

Next time I might mix a few Panko crumbs in to help crisp it up.

Add a Caeser salad and toppings of your choice!

Hot night, cold sandwich…

Once upon a time (like in the 1970’s) there was a sub shop on Beacon Hill named Primos. It’s probably still there. It was renowned for giant fresh sliced roast beef subs. They probably had other stuff, but politicians from the Massachusetts state house, aides, and Suffolk students just got roast beef. 

I recently came across this recipe in the New York Times cooking section about the authors favorite sandwich from a shop in Brooklyn. 

Chez Miller is experiencing some havc issues and so the thought of turning on the oven terrified me. However turning on a burner just long enough to cook some prebreaded eggplant cutlets from Trader Joes was ok. So start to finish, the whole operation took about 15 minutes, including opening a bottle of wine.

A couple of twists…I used sweet pepper instead of red hots and sliced mozz instead of buffalo, both because they were in the house.

Quick and easy dinner! You could add arugula if you wanted something that grew in the ground!