The Hanging Gardens of Brooks Street

I saw this idea on Martha Stewart’s Facebook feed, and although I hate to, I have to give the snaps to Martha and her designers. The premise is to take a small plant, wrap the root ball in moss, wind some string to hold it in place, and hang it in your garden. 

I assembled items, and added in an old orchid that was hanging around the kitchen. I recently saw new green on it, so am hopeful it will bloom again.

Yes, I actually had two kinds of moss in my craft closet, although no sheet moss as suggested. I laid out the moss I had on the table…

Then I took the orchid from its pot and added an impatiens. Then the Hubs helped me wind the twine around the roots. The premise is that the moss will hold moisture in the roots.

I was going to hang it, but I used it instead to fill a lovely perch at the top of a trellis by the fountain. 

I’m going to do some smaller ones, so stay tuned!

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