A little something extra….

At Reagan National airport, which I frequent on my way to or from my corporate HQ, there’s a takeaway joint at the Jet Blue gates that for some reason never has the ability to cook the hot food on their menu. And because I’m usually on the last flight of the day and am starving by the time I get through the heinous security line where pre check is only a distant memory, I usually will need to eat something before my flight. Even if it’s cold. Hence the “love” salad, named by vendor not me.

You have your peppery arugula, you have your tomatoes (yellow ones here,just because)

Then you add your mozzarella and for an added treat, the joint always tosses the salad with some cooked pastina, the little star shaped pasta favored as first pasta for babies. Always makes me smile.

Add some basil, EVOO, and balsamic and toss. If you’re in the airport add a bottle of water and find a corner of an almost empty gate by a charging station and enjoy!

Making Whoopie…

How have I baked as long as I have and never made Whoopie pies? So simple and yet so decadent!

Twelve of the fifteen first cousins on my father’s side of the family got together on Saturday together with respective spouses and children, a lot of pictures and hundreds of stories. Mostly about our nana. Anyway, when we were children, my Aunt L always made Whoopie pies for Christmas and birthdays, and every cookout. I thought that tradition should be respected so I made them this time. It’s a simple Devils food cake batter and because we were going to be in the sun. I used a marshmallow base for filling versus whipped cream. I made them on Friday nite and put them in the fridge for good measure until we left on Saturday . They were a hit all around!

What’s not to like….?

Thursday morning in between conference calls and financial  models I thought about a recipe I had found on Pinterest for garlic confit..that is garlic cooked in oil until it is unutterably soft and fragrant and holds so much promise. I know, that’s a little much for a Thursday morning, but I knew it would be worth the effort. So the Hubs and I quickly peeled a couple of dozen cloves and covered them with EVOO and threw in some fresh rosemary. Brought to a simmer and kept on that burner for about an hour, we were rewarded with fully cooked cloves that were used on a baguette served alongside an antipasto platter for dinner, and then on Sunday nite the Hubs used the remainder as a base for marinade for steak. Minimal effort, maximum results!

The Hanging Gardens of Brooks Street

I saw this idea on Martha Stewart’s Facebook feed, and although I hate to, I have to give the snaps to Martha and her designers. The premise is to take a small plant, wrap the root ball in moss, wind some string to hold it in place, and hang it in your garden. 

I assembled items, and added in an old orchid that was hanging around the kitchen. I recently saw new green on it, so am hopeful it will bloom again.

Yes, I actually had two kinds of moss in my craft closet, although no sheet moss as suggested. I laid out the moss I had on the table…

Then I took the orchid from its pot and added an impatiens. Then the Hubs helped me wind the twine around the roots. The premise is that the moss will hold moisture in the roots.

I was going to hang it, but I used it instead to fill a lovely perch at the top of a trellis by the fountain. 

I’m going to do some smaller ones, so stay tuned!

A rose is a rose

I was fooling around with air dried clay a while ago and had a long thin strip that I made into a rose…

I used it this week for a gift topper for a hostess gift…I might need to make some more!

Five for Friday

I heard about an old colleague via Instagram and although not the happiest story…I was happy to hear about Dan. For the whole video go to  Dan
And a few things made me smile this week…

Found a €10 note in my travel cosmetic bag…

A gift from a colleague of fresh eggs in beauteous colors…feathers still attached..

A beautiful sunset…
First grilled pizza of the season..
Look for those little grace notes in your week too!