Curd, and (the) way

My love for apricots has been well documented and so I found myself with a flat of apricots from Costco at the end of the week and needed to come up with something. Normally it would be jam, but I wanted something a little different. So I settled on apricot curd, the creamy, eggy cousin of  jam.

It’s simply a plan of cooking down the sliced and pitted apricots, and tossing them with about a cup of sugar. Then, some vanilla when they are on their way to soft. Once boiled down, use the blender to process into purée and push through a fine sieve and then return to the pot.

Whisk eggs and corn starch together and the whisk into the purée while its simmering. Add butter and cook on low until the whole mixture tightens up and goats the back of a spoon. 

From here you can refrigerate, pressure can for later use. I highly recommend on toasted French bread or a croissant!

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