Winner, winner, chicken dinner….

I happened to tune in to PBS over the weekend in time to see  Lidia Bastianich make this seared chicken with shiitake mushrooms. Grinchy PBS however does not have the recipe on the website for Lidia’s Kitchen, so I recreated as best as possible. I used chicken tenderloins and seared them in a mad hot skillet with olive oil, a little butter and minced garlic. Because the tenderloins are small and thin, they cook relatively fast. I removed them to a platter and cooked the shiitake mushrooms in the same way except adding 2 tsp of chopped parsley and 1tsp of chopped rosemary. 

When the mushrooms are cooked, return the chicken to the pan and turn the heat down or off. Have a lid ready and add about 2 ounces of brandy. There will be fire, just don’t panic. Usually, the flambé will stop on its own, but if you don’t want to melt your micro hood, just cover the flame with a lid. Reduce the sauce by half. Lidia stopped here, but I added about a half cup of chicken broth and 2 tbsp of cream and whisked it all together. You will definitely need some good bread to mop up all the lovely sauce with this. I served it with a simple salad of baby romaine, blackberries, chopped pears and some ricotta salata cheese. And bread… 

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