Remember that’s what Mozart’s wife calls him in the movie version of Amadeus? I was reminded of it because the Hubs has been helping out at his favorite theater group with their stage version of same. And the nite before I started 12 days straight working because of an opening, I got a wild hair and decided that I had to make Mozartkugeln. It is the ubiquitous chocolate and pistachio candy found in Vienna and Salzburg and in fact, most of Austria. In Salzburg, there is a storefront selling the little bon bons every 20 feet. Really? It couldn’t wait for another time?

I started melting some dark chocolate and tempering it.

I ground up some pistachios and folded them into the leftover pistachio paste I bought in Vermont a few weeks back. I held back some pistachio crumbs too.

There is a small center of marzipan in each kugle. Yes, I keep marzipan in my baking rack…doesn’t everyone? 

Then you roll the pea sized ball of marzipan in the pistachio mixture and dip in the melted chocolate.

Then I dusted the top with the pistachio crumbs. I could have stopped there…really…

But no, I had to do some thematic packaging… That is make stickers of Mozart’s visage, cut them out, roll and twist the truffles in parchment, and affix the sticker. I need to have my head examined…the Hubs helped too!

 Proclaimed delicious by the cast and crew. 

Amadeus has two more performances this weekend May 13 and 14. Curtain is at 8 p.m.

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