Beach Bag Books…

Beach Bag Books is back for the summer of 2016! Here’s the first installment featuring some Irish authors and stories set in Ireland.

I first saw The Summer Guest when I was in Ireland in the summer of 2014. Like a lot of books I want to read, I took a photo of the cover so I could look it up on Amazon, and the waited in vain for it to be available as an ebook in the US. No joy…  So I gave up and bought the paperback via Kenny’s of Galway. It a lovely tale of a recent widow visiting a childhood home, a couple re evaluating why their marriage is important, all told in a story very Maeve Binchy like in tone and tenor.

Two Fridays in April has an unexpected twist to the plot that I did not see coming. Quick read about a mother and stepdaughter trying to make their way now that the man of the house is gone, killed in a tragic accident.

Watch this space for more recommendations as the weather gets warmer!

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