Southwest by Won Ton…

Ok, I admit it…I got a teensy bit of inspiration from California Pizza Kitchen. But I get points for turning it into a salad, right?

Start with plain won ton wrappers, or egg roll wrappers, in your grocers produce aisle. Add some chopped avocado, chopped bacon, shredded cheese and I added chopped tomato also.

Then I chopped up the chicken I had roasted with jalapeños and shishito peppers, olive oil and salt and pepper, garlic and cilantro.

I put a scoop in the middle of the square, folded over the side, then the ends and piled them seam side down. I put some vegetable oil in the skillet and popped them in and kept turning them as I browned them.

I cut them in the diagonal and served them on a bed of greens. I made a dressing out of creme fraiche, lime juice, chili powder, and pepper and added some green onions.

You could keep them warm in the oven and give them a little melty if you were doing a big batch. Not sure how they would do with a rehear because we ate them all!

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