Why, you little tarte….!

I bought these cute little tarte molds while we were in Paris last fall. I got them, of course, at Dehellerin, the bastion of culinary supply houses with a Byzantine system of peruse, probe, procure, purchase and package. You can have a birthday while you wait in one of three stations needed to get out the door. But I digress…


I blind baked the dough for about 15 minutes  

Then I filled the shells with a mixture of beaten egg, cream cheese, and goat cheese and some seasoning.some I topped with zucchini and some had sun dried tomatoes and oily black olives. The dough was scraps from another project, so I pieced them together like a crazy quilt. Popp them back in a 350 oven for about 15 minutes or until the cheese is set. You can place the veggies on before the 2nd bake.

 Very Provençal! I cut the tartes on the diagonal and used them to top a plate of mixed spring greens with olive oil, balsamic and some fresh salt and pepper. Lastly I added some capers, because you can never have too many capers!


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