So, frequent readers know that the code word for a road trip in our house is “pudding”. (Look it up in Thornton Wilder’s The Matchmaker)

Anyway, Saturday morning, the Hubs and I set off for the northeast kingdom of Vermont, and a visit to the King Arthur Company store.

There’s lots of flour, of all different kinds, along with seasonal baking ingredients, decorations, cookbooks, and  baking utensils.

They have a great cafe and you can watch the dough of the moment being turned into cinnamon rolls, or baguettes, or boule. The walls of the store are decorated in vintage aprons.

On the way back home we made a strategic strike at THE Vermont Country Store, emphasis on THE like in Ohio State University…You know the place from their catalogue. It’s the only known retail outlet for Lemon Up shampoo, Hi Karate aftershave, Evening in Paris eat de parfum, Indian Pudding and

 A bottle of this lasted for a generation …

And some other faves…

 Only thing missing was long underwear and flannel Lanz nightgowns!

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