Just another meatless Monday …

I whipped up a sort of mezze platter for us for meatless Monday this week.


I started by charring the heck out of these teenage size eggplants, because they weren’t quite baby size. While the grill was going we also did some long slices of zucchini and some baby sweet peppers.

I peeled the blisters off the peppers and added some olive oil, smoked paprika, and about a quarter cup of hot vegetable broth and whazzed it up with the stick blender. Just a few seconds yields a sweet, smoky sauce. Add sautéed spinach, some oily black olives, capers for garnish, some feta cheese and a little squeeze of lemon to brighten everything up!



Southwest by Won Ton…

Ok, I admit it…I got a teensy bit of inspiration from California Pizza Kitchen. But I get points for turning it into a salad, right?

Start with plain won ton wrappers, or egg roll wrappers, in your grocers produce aisle. Add some chopped avocado, chopped bacon, shredded cheese and I added chopped tomato also.

Then I chopped up the chicken I had roasted with jalapeños and shishito peppers, olive oil and salt and pepper, garlic and cilantro.

I put a scoop in the middle of the square, folded over the side, then the ends and piled them seam side down. I put some vegetable oil in the skillet and popped them in and kept turning them as I browned them.

I cut them in the diagonal and served them on a bed of greens. I made a dressing out of creme fraiche, lime juice, chili powder, and pepper and added some green onions.

You could keep them warm in the oven and give them a little melty if you were doing a big batch. Not sure how they would do with a rehear because we ate them all!

One, Two, Three….52!

Once upon a time my mother sat on my patio and counted the number of garden pots I had. Then she added the ones in the front. There was the embarrassingly large number of 67. But, as you know, my feeling is that nothing succeeds like excess!

I’m embarrassed further to tell you that just on the patio, even after a severe sort and throw and a lot of winter damage, there are still 52 pots. There’s   at least another dozen in the front of the house! 

At the end of the day however, I wound up with my tower of flowers…

Watch to see it change with the summer.


Why, you little tarte….!

I bought these cute little tarte molds while we were in Paris last fall. I got them, of course, at Dehellerin, the bastion of culinary supply houses with a Byzantine system of peruse, probe, procure, purchase and package. You can have a birthday while you wait in one of three stations needed to get out the door. But I digress…


I blind baked the dough for about 15 minutes  

Then I filled the shells with a mixture of beaten egg, cream cheese, and goat cheese and some seasoning.some I topped with zucchini and some had sun dried tomatoes and oily black olives. The dough was scraps from another project, so I pieced them together like a crazy quilt. Popp them back in a 350 oven for about 15 minutes or until the cheese is set. You can place the veggies on before the 2nd bake.

 Very Provençal! I cut the tartes on the diagonal and used them to top a plate of mixed spring greens with olive oil, balsamic and some fresh salt and pepper. Lastly I added some capers, because you can never have too many capers!


What to do with?

What to do with the end of a bunch of parsley? Whazz it up in the food processor with an equal amount of arugula, garlic, lemon zest and lemon juice, olive oil, red pepper and salt and pepper.mprest, change..chimichurri! It’s a staple condiment in Latin America, and made fresh every time the cook. Every cook has their own recipe, so there’s no right or wrong way to make it! I served it on a garlic and lemon marinated  butterflied leg of lamb , grilled perfectly by the Hubs.


So, frequent readers know that the code word for a road trip in our house is “pudding”. (Look it up in Thornton Wilder’s The Matchmaker)

Anyway, Saturday morning, the Hubs and I set off for the northeast kingdom of Vermont, and a visit to the King Arthur Company store.

There’s lots of flour, of all different kinds, along with seasonal baking ingredients, decorations, cookbooks, and  baking utensils.

They have a great cafe and you can watch the dough of the moment being turned into cinnamon rolls, or baguettes, or boule. The walls of the store are decorated in vintage aprons.

On the way back home we made a strategic strike at THE Vermont Country Store, emphasis on THE like in Ohio State University…You know the place from their catalogue. It’s the only known retail outlet for Lemon Up shampoo, Hi Karate aftershave, Evening in Paris eat de parfum, Indian Pudding and

 A bottle of this lasted for a generation …

And some other faves…

 Only thing missing was long underwear and flannel Lanz nightgowns!

Just Another Meatless Monday…..


I found this great meal replacement salad via Martha Stewart last week and tossed it up for meatless Monday. Baby romaine, cukes, red onion, orange pepper, yellow tomatoes, lime, pomegranate seeds, sesame seeds, chopped parsley, capers, feta cheese …

Oh , and a yummy dressing made out of pomegranate molasses!

Let’s look again…



A word from our sponsor….

Five for Friday will be back next week…taking a little hiatus this week because, well, this for one thing…april snow

There was this revolting development…

And then there was the small matter of some oral surgery, so stay tuned next week for some new adventures!