What’s not to like?

All butter, all the time…what’s not to like? I spent Saturday morning in the instruction kitchen of Sur la Table, where the very patient Clarissa and Kealy instruct scores of men and women,mothers and daughters, friends, couples of all ages and some go it aloners like myself in the painstaking art of French Pastry*. A month ago it was pate choux and madeleines,but this week it was (insert sound of angels singing) croissants. Also known as butter with a little flour that allows you to get the butter to your mouth…

  I mean, look at all that butter…  
A simple dough and ritualistic bashing of butter and then layering and folding, and layering and folding of the dough, creates these incredibly light but rich, crispy on outside and buttery inside pieces of heaven. They bear no resemblance to the shortening laced, mass produced croissants of airport coffee vendors. Instead, they are a labor of love, produced because who doesn’t love butter?

Note:* I’ve also taken macaron baking, baguette and brioche, basic pasta and French pastry classes. Highly recommended!

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