Just Another Meatless Monday…

Part 1

Working two different recipes on Monday, so this is Pt. 1 and features my spoony new Kitchen Aid spiralizer! Now I can make “zoodles” like all the cool kids.


Here it is in action

Once they are all zoodled, they cook up very quickly in a large sauté pan with a tiny bit of olive oil, 1/2 cup of water and salt and pepper.


I topped it with a quick but silky and buttery,fresh tasting tomato sauce. It caught my attention in the New York Times  Cooking section last week. Stupidly simple, but the end result is completely sophisticated, and like another reader, I found myself eating the onions out of the pot. I used no salt added canned tomatoes, a medium onion, and 4 tbsp of butter, salt and pepper. You don’t even have to dice the onion! Just some wedges will do!

 I smoothed it out with my stick blender and have enough left over to use on fish or the leftover steak from Saturday night!

Come back tomorrow to read about a great new cauliflower feast!

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