Soup to Nuts

Because you know I love things that come in boxes…and have to tell you about them

So my bestie L tried out the kinda new, delivered fresh to your home, meals kit called Hello Fresh that is affiliated with celebrity chef Jamie Oliver. She got to gift a trial delivery to someone and picked moi ( I would have picked her if the roles had been reversed! ) 

Our box arrived Last Tuesday and because of my travel schedule we didn’t try to cook anything till the weekend. We got three meals for two peeps each. The meal choices rotate each week and members can choose from regular or vegetarian meals as desired. 

Our first meal was a fusilloni al forno and all the ingredients were in the box right down to an onion and two individual cloves of garlic. Here’s the unpacking… 

And here’s the finished product…

 We added mini grilled zucchini for another green veggie.So here are my thoughts in no particular order….
1) It’s a long way to send nondescript foodstuffs that can be bought most likely at a much lower cost and probably within a mile of your house.

2) It’s a lot of extra packaging that my sometimes sustainable ego kinda cringed at, although it was mostly associated with the shipping

3) It’s more than 2 portions. Easily could feed 4.

4) Simple recipes, good for beginning and/or busy cooks. A little too simple for me, the Hubs and I needed a little more seasoning.

5) Recipe book is simple to follow and includes a ruler so that items are cut to the correct size as indicated in recipe.

6) It’s expensive at $69 for 3 meals, so $23 a meal, and $11.50 a head. That is closer to retail restaurant pricing and more than it in some cases. Remember there’s no salad, or soup or dessert courses, only entrees, so that expense is not included.

I’ll update you when we cook the pork tenderloin and mozzarella crusted chicken, but for this little kitchen, I think we’ll support our local grocers, farms and merchants.

However, you do get a handy superhero mask with every package…


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