Counting Carbs…


My boss is a licensed, card carrying registered dietician and fond of saying occasionally…”carbs will kill you”. So occasionally, I listen.And feel guilty about bread, breading, stuffing, cakes, cookies etc. But only occasionally. That’s when I look to vegetables to get me out of the fix…

So in the middle of one of the snowstorms and in celebration of weekly meatless monday endeavor, I ginned up this creamy leek and cauliflower soup. I started with frozen leeks from Trader Joe’s


I cooked them down in some olive oil with some yellow onion, till they were all soft and see through and a little caramelized.


Added cauliflower florets and stems, cut to about 1″ size all around. Added salt and pepper and about 4 cups of vegetable broth. I cooked it all until very soft and then hit the mixture with my trusty stick blender while still in the pot. Adjusted the seasoning and added a tiny bit ( about 1/2 cup) of light cream, just to smooth it out and reblended. I also put in a bit of shredded parmesan that I had on hand and topped with some sliced green onions. Serve with crusty dark bread and a dark green salad with simple oil dressing. See, I still need to have the carbs with the meal!


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