Current Crushes

Things I’m currently crushing on…


Rhonda Designs
and Rhonna Collage are apps and a website that combine photo editing, captioning, borders and effects like this… 

And this…

On the AppStore for Apple or


Binge-worthy, smart, hilariously funny adult comedy about 40 year old divorcee, reinventing herself as a 26 year old in the Big Apple with new and old besties and a hot tattoo artist boyfriend, a wicked stepmother of a boss and a prince on the doorstep of a brownstone . And a daughter. Who’s maybe 20….IRL. Very adult themes, probably not the most suitable for tweens. Stars Broadway actress Sutton Foster (late, of Bunheads..RIP),  Hilary Duff (Disney queen and late of Lizzie McGuire) and Debbie Mazur (late of Entourage and Madonna videos). 

Physicians Formula Lash Extension Mascara


 Have you seen those women who get eyelash extensions? You know, the ones they drape over their sunglasses?  Here’s how you can get the same look for short money and no time invested. On Amazon.

The Piglet Tournament of Cookbooks

The Books. The Bracket. The Judges. Keep Up. See what cookbook takes the golden piglet this year. Like March Madness for foodies.

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