It’s Brigadoon!


One morning, late last week,  the Hubs asked me what time I would be home from work on Tuesday nite this week. Now we have been married long enough for him to know this is a loaded question for me, fraught with implications and complications…”Don’t know” I harrumphed over the mug of tea I was trying to ingest.

Me: “Depends where I am”

The Hubs:”Well I saw this thing at Mechanics Hall and I think we should go, even though it’s a school nite”

Me: “What thing?”

The Hubs: ” Her Majesty’s Royal Marine Band…..” at the same time Me:” YES!!!!, I’ll be home from work”

Little known fact about me…closet pipe band fan, huge drum corp fan, love a good military march and seriously think the “Stars and Stripes Forever” is a catchy tune.

So we presented ourselves at Mechanics Hall in Worcester, tickets clutched in our grubby little paws and had a pre- event cocktail (I love a venue with a bar that serves decent white wine, Johnny Walker Black and Jameson Irish, and Guinness!) and settled in for the show. 

Such a great event even though they must have felt like they were marching in a bathtub.  Terrific music, marching, a little singing, a little highland fling and sword dance, fetching pith helmets, tartan and argyles ( not the same) and the Executive Officer of the USS Constitution, a certain Lt. Commander Grab a Sandwich was the de facto host for the evening.

This was my favorite number however…the theme from “Last of the Mohicans” …The Daniel Day Lewis ( DDL to his friends) version

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