This changes everything

The Hubs and I bought a new range and microwave for a Christmas present to ourselves. It got installed exactly one week before Christmas. On Saturday nite, while innocently roasting vegetables, I changed out a sheet pan, closed the oven door and put my rear end into my chair. Four minutes later, the Hubs and I heard a loud pop, like a big pumpkin had exploded. I got out of the chair thinking it might have been a pepper that popped, but what I found was much worse. The entire inside sheet of glass in the oven door had cracked and shattered. 

Once I regained my composure, barely…I just changed gears for dinner prep while the Hubs left a terse message for the appliance store. Instead of baking potatoes in the oven, I thought innocently, I’ll just do them in my spoony, new convection microwave. Wrong again…after the second time I put the potatoes on a cycle, the microwave just completely shut down. Like a tripped circuit breaker, except not. The interior of the microwave was hot to the touch, the magnet seemed to be glowing, and nothing would work..

So now we are down to stovetop cooking, which is severely limiting for someone who bakes on a regular basis and can’t even reheat a stinkin lean cuisine if needed.

As Charlie Brown would say….ARRRRRGGGGGGGGGGHHHHHH

We’ll keep you posted.

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