Oh My Darlin, Oh My Darlin….

 Oh my darlin clementine… 


Reveling in Citrus o Rama for the next couple of months, I found a box of clementines procured for the festive season and not really fully taken advantage of, I set out to change that situation. 

Remember this dream of perfection that I had in Paris? The restaurant was A Bout de Soufflé, and apart from the foie gras sauce (which I will make someday..) was the little awesomeness of the candied citrus.  The citrus is also piled high at the candy stands in Europe like the one below

  So I did some recipe comparisons and came up with the following.

 I cleaned a nd took the woody little stem of the clementines and cut a shallow X in the non stem end of the fruit. I placed them all stem end down in my big blue pot with 500 g of sugar and 500ml of water boiled into a simple syrup. Then it was just a couple of hours of bobbing for clementines in the simmering syrup. I turned them every twenty minutes or so.

Once they were really, really soft and looked saturated with syrup and had turned a much darker orange, I stuffed them into canning jars and poured the hot syrup over them till the jars were full. Wipe the rim, settle the lid and ring on, hand tighten and place in a water bath and boil for twenty minutes. For the first time ever I used my pressure cooker for canning. Way less complicated! Got my important “schwump” after I took them out of the bath, so I know the jars sealed.

Can’t wait to try them and I’ll make sure to share results!

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