Making Roux…

I failed roux on more than one occasion when I was in training…a miserable lead cook would taunt my failures and send me to the cold pantry to make salads and other things I could manage.. But I’m happy to say that in the ensuing 30 years I have gotten much better at it..definitely good enough that I can make bechamel, a mother sauce, that in turn develops into a beautiful cheese sauce for my new creation…Short Rib Canneloni!

It all started because of the Canneloni that the Hubs and I had in Barcelona at The Attic restaurant on Las Ramblas. They were cheesy and yummy and I knew with right ingredients, I could recreate them.

I had some leftover short ribs and roasted butternut squash, so I shredded both in the food processor and mixed with some shredded Gruyere that I won at a recent Yankee Swap with my colleagues. (Yep, I got a hunk o’ cheese…foodies!)

Then I piped the mixture into some cooked shells and laid them in a pan with the cheese sauce underneath.

I topped the with mire sauce and the end of the raclette cheese and stuck in a 375 degree oven until bubbly and a little brown on top! Before serving, I ladled a little of the leftover short rib on top.


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