Khristmas Kitchen

Where I attempt to channel good karma into baked goods.

Episode 4, Gelatine snow globe decorations


I have been obsessed by this concept on Pinterest   


First saw similar ones on Bakerella and ones shown on Pinterest and have been dying to try them. 

One of the key ingredients is the water balloons, which, in New England, in December, are not east to find. In fact, I couldn’t find them and neither could the Hubs. So in the spirit of adjustment and flexibility, I used regular balloons that were on the smallish side. This would also mean that cupcakes were out and a cake was in…


As noted in the Pinterest directions, you need to get the inflated balloons slick enough to have the gelatin peel away, but not be super oily. I did just what the author suggests and rubbed my hands and the lightly rubbed the balloons. 


However, I think any success I realized here was due to the gelatine sheets that I used. The ones I got were on  Amazon and were very easy to work with.

Another key is to make sure you can dip the balloons deep enough to to go almost up to the knot of the balloon, so a fairly  deep container is needed. 

 Here’s the first dip


And this is what happens if you cut the inflated ballon too quickly! The deflation takes the gelatine with it and krinkles it all up. The next ones I did were better, I only pin pricked the balloon, so I could control pulling the gelatine away from the balloon.

These came out good, but because they were larger, I used them on top of cakes instead of cupcakes! 


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