Khristmas Kitchen…..

Where I attempt to channel good karma into baked goods….

Episode 1 Eclairs

My attempt at eclairs actually began 10 days ago with batch #1, produced from a sham cookbook that portrayed a knowledge of pastry that just did not materialize. The recipes were overly complicated, employed a mix of metric and Imperial measurements and resulted in an epic fail, so profound, I could not bear to share the results…

Choux  is not hard to make. It’s the same principle of fat and flour mixing as roux. Once you dump in the flour, the mix will come together very quickly. Add eggs one at a time in your mixer and give each egg a good amount of beating in to incorporate.

Then all you have to do is pipe the dough and bake. You can freeze any shells that you don’t fill right way.
I made a simple pastry cream with espresso powder for flavoring and the the coffee flavored glaze, with cream, confectioner sugar and a little corn syrup.

During our food tour in Montmartre last month, Eugenie, our guide related to us, that unlike in the US where eclairs typically have regular pastry cream inside and chocolate ganache topping, in France, your shoes and bag have to match! So if you have chocolate on top, then the pastry cream inside must also be chocolate! Evidently, failure to comply with this rule is false advertising ! And the patisserie can be sued! 

Of course because coffee flavor is my favorite that’s what I tried to reproduce, and I think I did a very respectable job!

Need to work on doing a better job of filling the shell completely with cream, and tightening up the glaze a little, but the Hubs approved!

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