Tiger Store

One review calls Tiger Store the younger, hipper, cooler sister to Ikea. It is…like Midge used to be cooler than Barbie…

In Barcelona, I kept seeing all the bags with a cool, Scandinavian Christmas vibe to them. And then I figured it out. Everyone was coming from Tiger Store! And there in the middle of Calle de Portoferrissa, between scarves and shoes, we found the Tiger Store ourselves…all decked out for Christmas (not shown). 

Inexpensive, fun, colorful home goods, stationery, toys and limited clothing. Just like Christmas Tree Shop here,  you can get a boatload of candles, decorations and more for $20 bucks.

I picked up a few things, mostly holiday related or craft related or both. 

Here’s the little button ornament I made watching football on Saturday nite.

Good thing making it was fairly intuitive, because the directions were entirely in Danish…

I’m thinking this would be a cute craft anyone could do on their own, with multicolored or single color buttons of graduated sizes. Especially good remembrance for someone who sews!

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