See if you can guess where I am now…

Oh, look! A lighthouse fresnel…must be….a maritime museum! Q’uelle surprise!  

But what a museum! They had a cool courtyard cafe serving a great lunch including baccala (salt cod) in phyllo, and uber cool paper placemats that riffed on the ocean theme…

 And museum itself is award winning for design! Once upon a time, the ocean lapped up against the walls here and ships of all kinds were built in these long stone bays and floated out on a tide.  

 First we ate lunch, of course. Then we learned about the Spanish submarine fleet. Then we snooped around the smaller galleries with rowboats and dinghies and other small craft. 

  Then we found the biggest toy boat ever made….  
 The ship is a model of a galley warship, modeled on the same kind we see in Ben Hur (“row well number 47”) and the Hubs thinks it was named the Juan de Ausria, from the Battle of Lepanto-Espana vs. Ottoman Empire in 1571. A definitive win for the Coalition of Catholic States ( I can’t make this stuff up, peeps…)

Lastly, we looked at the stories from ships of Spain. Stories of commerce, immigration, wealth, exploration and innovation.

Then we cabbed it back to the hotel and sat on our suitcases to close them and indulged a final time in the life changing truffle pizza at Luzia with cold, crisp and minerally  rose wine.

Next morning, up and out by 6:30 am for a quick predawn cab ride to the Barcelona airport. Barely any security on the Dublin flight (what borders?) but a lot of walking to get to gate! 

Next up: Final thoughts on our trip of a lifetime…(then I’ll be done, promise..)

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