Up, up and away


On Saturday, our second to last day in Barcelona, we were pretty much consumed with discovering cute shoes and life changing truffle pizza, so didn’t have time for a lot of other stuff. But on Sunday we hopped back on the hop on/hop off bus and took off for Montjuic park and the cable cars! High above the city, where they built many of the venues for the 1992 Olympics is the old Montjuic Parc. It’s a lovely setting of fountains, terraced gardens and both a funicular (not running) and cable cars (running!) that take you to the very top where there is a castle, and the not so top, where there is a lovely garden.

First we went to the tippy top, where the castle is located. This is the same castle used as a fortress during the Spanish Civil war in the 1930’s and then for Generalissimo Francisco Franco ( who’s still dead). A lot of peeps checked in here over the years, but no one really checked out if you get my drift.

1580 1581 1582

Then we took the cablecar 1/2 way back down to the garden section and had a refreshing break and took in some of the breathtaking view of the city and the port. I think there were 7 cruise ships in that day.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Our next stop was the national maritime museum, so stay tuned!

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