My ham alarm just went off…

1082The city of Barcelona was not built on rock n’ roll. The city of Barcelona, and may I add, most of Spain…was built on HAM!

That’s right, ham. But not any ham… the rich, nutty, fatty, silky, tender and flavorful ham of Iberico, made from pigs that were fed only on acorns, were never spoken to in a harsh tone of voice, wore fuzzy slippers in the pigsty and were pampered beyond belief. How else can you explain how good this ham is?

It is on every menu, every buffet, in every store and on everyone’s mind…24/7. About every 4 hours, the Hubs and I would look at each other and say…”my ham alarm went off, let’s get some”. And we would, with cheese…and wine of course….


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