Across the Frontier


IMG_2357Wednesday nite, after a dinner in the Chefs Table restaurant on the ship and a quick nightcap, we packed up our little stateroom and got ready to move our base of operations into Espana! We got on coaches for a beautiful drive over the Pyrenees about 8:30 am in a complete fog! It was so foggy we didn’t even know another ship had tied up next to us Overnite! Not even a bump!

We had an all too short stop for lunch in a town called Perpignan, where they swapped us and all our luggage into Spanish coaches. It’s a beautiful city in the Pyrenees foothills, with a requisite castle, old section, cafe culture and a lovely downtown. I’d go back! But we were so rushed, no pictures exist! You’ll have to trust me.


Our ears were popping a bit, but we pulled into Barcelona ( or Barthelonya if you want to go with the full Castilian) about 5:30 and had to wait till we got the ok to move our bus down La Rambla, the Times Square of Spain. That street never stops!

We settled into the lovely and comfortable Hotel le Meridien in a room, not with a view but with a bathroom big enough to do the Seige of Ennis in. The Hubs wanted to move in there! Like all buildings facing the Main Street in this old city, the hotel was either a palace or a bank, hard to say, but the sculpture in the stairway (above and below) was amazing.

We had dinner in the hotel and the hit La Rambla for a stroll….like half a million other peeps. But just as things got desperate, we spied ( sound of angels singing) Amorino!

Now there are a million gelato shops on the European continent, and Amorino is a chain, but only Amorino will shape your gelato to look like a rose!


Buona sera!

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