Find the Pope in the Palace….

With apologies to Father Guido Sarducci…. 

 We spent Tuesday afternoon following in the footsteps of the popes in Avignon. It was our second to last day on the ship, and we were docked right next to the famous Pont de Avignon, made famous by the French children’s song.

We followed the quai to the bridge and then crossed through the ancient city wall. Inside found a lot of back alleys, shoppes, cafes etc. it was obvious that Avignon is a much livelier place in the summer, though on our way out of the palace, we found the main drag that was much livelier than the inbound route we took! I found some lovely souvenirs in the shops selling ceramic, lavender, olive oil, and the other scents and colors of Provence.

The papal palace wasn’t closing till almost 6, so we snooped around for about an hour. Here are some sights…what a massive complex. We didn’t see an 1/8 of it! More than a few popes called Avignon home before throwing it over and moving back in with the parents in Rome. In fact, at one time , sort of like now, there were two popes….but one wasn’t retired, if you get my drift.   


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