A hunting we will go…

I almost forgot Tuesday…I mean not that it happened, but almost forgot to share our drippy morning. 

The Hubs didn’t feel the whole truffle farm thing, so I soloed, and spent some time on a very wet farm with the truffle farmer, whose name I forget, and his dog Amy. 

He explained, via our translator Ghislane, how they plant the oaks, the hope for truffles, the fear of the influx of inferior “farmed” truffles from Asia and the process of buying, training and using a dog to find the truffles, worth about €1000 per kilo, about 2.2 pounds. 

All over the farm, if you look down, there are little oaks growing. You can tell from the leaves that they are a different species than North America.


Amy’s owner also farms olives for oil, lavender and honey. After our adventure with the science of truffles, we had about an hour in Grignan, a lovely medieval town with a castle (photo above) and a small village. It was market day in town.

Then I wandered over to the cemetery next to the village church. All Soul’s day (just the day before) is a big deal in France and almost all the graves had some kind of commemoration on them. Here’s a few items of note…

This one had a potted olive tree

This memorial to a mother was in ceramic flowers, very beautiful…  
As always on our return to the ship we were greeted with warm towels, hot drinks and hand sanitizers. Despite liberal use of sanitizer, it was about this day that many fellow travelers started an upper respiratory thing. So far, I am immune…

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