Monumental Works of Art

What do you get when you mix an abandoned limestone quarry with technology, imagination and works of art from the Renaissance to Cezanne? You get Carriers-Lumiere, a multimedia sound and light show that will leave you speechless! Honestly, the Hubs and I just stood in place with our jaws hanging open for 20 minutes or more.

So here’s what the outside of the quarry looks like, and walls are similar on inside, except they put a ceiling in place. The show lasts about an hour and changes every year, the current one features Michelangelo and Leonardo da Vinci, Chagall starts in March.

You can see from this picture, the scale of the projections!

Stay tuned for adventures in the asylum. Lost in Arles, epidemic, and crossing the frontier…there’s also a lot of ham coming up…

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