The Second City

I always thought if Paris was like NYC then Lyon was going to be like the Hamptons. Close to the city, an escape, better weather etc. In fact Lyon is like Chicago, and is the second city of France. It’s massive!

After a quick run up the Saone (rhymes with phone) on Friday, we were back in Lyon on Saturday and were out in the sunshine and (really) warm temps for a 1/2 day city tour.


We started at the Basilica in Fourviere, high on the hill in the old town. It’s built and designed in the Byzantine style and compared to the gothic heaviness of Notre Dame, it is light and airy and uplifting.

 Once the bus got us back off the hill and onto level ground again we ditched the guided tour and went exploring on our own, poking around here and there. 


The locals were out enjoying the weather as much as the visitors! 

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