I don’t even know where to start…

On Wednesday morning at the civilized hour of 11 am, the Hubs and I meT a charming young woman named Eugenie (pronounced U Shen ee) at the Anvers Metro stop under the Basilica due Sacre Cour in the Montmatre section of Paris. Three hours later,we were stuffed full of chocolate, pastries, cheese, charcuteries, bread, cheese,crepes, cheese and wine. Did I mention cheese? 

Eugenie was holding a small orange parasol (parapluie) and was our guide from Secret Food Tours. Singularly one of the most outstanding culinary experiences of my young life, evah!

Eugenie led four of us, the Hubs and I and two other women, friends since childhood, on a backstreet tour on the backstreets of Montmatre.

Once you tour all the shoppes, you settle in to the back room of a wine shop for a great picnic! Here’s what we had…


Macarons… I sampled passion fruit tarragon and salted caramel (q’uelle surprise)  

Boulangerie selection

Jars of house made salted caramel…I think I got choked up


  Fruit stand

Butter at the fromagerie  
Last course, butter and sugar crepe. Now I am stupid full…    
   Cheese and bred..just add wine. 

I was told these were persimmons, I’m fact checking. Stay tuned.  

Really, blue feet make it that expensive?

Tripe ( cross that off the bucket list)  

Did I mention cheese?  

Fresh yogurt  

Triple cream with figs…  

Pork terrine  

Medals won by animal, not butcher  
  The most beautiful meat case  in creation

Crepe stand on hot corner.. 

Afterwards, once we snapped out of the food coma, we took a funicular ride up to Sacre Cour for some great views!



We took the funicular down also, to avoid a tragedy on these stairs!

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