As seen on TV

Three or four years ago, before we even knew we were coming to France, we watched an episode of Anthony Bourdain’s “No Reservations”. Bourdain was raised in France and staged there for Marco Pierre White and basically knows where all the bodies are buried. In this particular episode he shows up at Chez Robert and Louise in the 3rd, behind the Hotel de Ville (city hall).

The joint has 1o seats at the bar, and ten communal tables. As you can tell, everyone can see everything. Max capacity, 50, tops. Two waiters, 3 cooks/prep/utility peeps. And Robert, sitting at the bar, watching everything. We didn’t see Louise.  

They do steak. That’s it. You get a choice of steak, but as we found out, you don’t get a choice for cooked or not. They just let you think you do.

It pretty much comes rare. There’s no sending it back, you are too afraid.

And it’s cooked on an iron flat top, over a wood fire. Hypnotic.dont try this at home.

You also get some green leaf and potatoes, and there’s wine of course. It is France after all.  

But it’s a huge portion for short money, and it is delicious. These are the places to find. A blackboard for a menu, fresh ingredients depending on the season. Waiters don’t try to be your best friend. It’s all good…very, very good!

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