A lot to pray for in the Middle Ages….

A lot was going on in the 13th century. There was war, and famine and don’t forget plague. So the cathedral was the answer. The bigger, the better! If we make it magnificent enough, the Blessed Mother will intercede on our behalf. Let’s make the vaulted ceiling taller than that place in Paris…and later on Marc Chagall will paint a stained glass window for us. We can earn a tiny amount of money, labor intensive to cut stone, or carve wood. We can hide here from our enemies, and the good priests will feed us when they can, and the holy sisters will nurse us and my family can pray for my soul here. The cathedral will take care of our needs…

In between visits to the champagne cellars on Tuesday, we spent some time at the cathedral in Rheims. Heavily damaged in WWI, almost 100 years ago, the cathedral is still undergoing restorations.


  A view  down the nave, definitely not enough light!

   I wondered to myself, who sits in these tiny chairs? Then I realized they were not chairs, but the kneelers! And only the front row gets them, so in the other rows, it’s the stone floor for your knees!

But then there are the windows…for teaching, and prayer, and inspiration, and reflection…


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