On top of the hill..

In Dorchester was St. Margaret’s Hospital and St. Mary’s Home. It was where my mother worked with mothers and babies from when she was a graduate nurse in 1955 to her retirement in 1996. 

The Daughters of Charity, championed by St. Catherine Laboure who was a member herself, started the hospital on Jones Hill. 

What does this have to do with Paris you ask? Well, I’ll tell you…

The Daughters of Charity still nurse and care for the indigent and needy in a corner of Paris and around the globe. Their motherhouse is still on the Rue de Bac, and encompasses a chapel and visitor center celebrating the apparition of the Blessed Mother to St. Catherine Laboure. During two appearances, Our Lady shows Catherine a medal that commemorates Mary and her devotion to her son and hi sacrifice.

Catherine has the medal struck and the miraculous medal is born. Catherine Laboure was canonized and her uncorrupted remains lie in a glass coffin on the side alter of the chapel to this day. 


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