Love, Julia

Monday afternoon, after a lovely lunch on the square outside Comedie Francaise theatre, we wandered over to the store where apochryphally, Julia Child bought her kitchen ware.

It is the dustiest, darkest, 5,000 sq ft. I have ever witnessed. It is also totally anachronistic in that:

There are no prices, you have to go to the end of the aisle and look up the code in a book, then one guy writes it up, another one cashes you out, a third person then wraps everything, including putting a cork on the knife tip. This is not your Williams Sonoma!

I did, however treat myself to a new carbon steel blade French knife, size 15 which is easier for me to hold. A carbon blade holds an edge much better than stainless. A few other treats found their way into my bag, but you’ll have wait until I use them at home before you see them!


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